Tutorial - Icings, Pastes and Fillings

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NEWS: Updated in July 2019. Now includes 27 recipes including a recipe for Sugar Lace, Vegan Flower Paste and 85 product reviews!



Author: Louise Wilson

This is a 65 page guide that includes detailed information on the following topics:

 27 recipes and instructions on how to make them at home including:

  • An explanation on all the different gums you will come across in the cake decorating world, what they are and what they are used for.

  • Introduction to some of the more common ingredients that you will use while baking and making your own pastes.

  • Recipes and instructions for all of the following:

    • Buttercream x 1
    • Frosting x 3
    • Bakers Fondant x1
    • Candy Modelling clay (using candy melts) x1
    • Ganache (Milk, dark and white chocolate) x1
    • Vegan Ganache x1
    • Ganache with buttercream x1
    • Glacé Icing x 1
    • Royal Icing x1
    • Sugarpaste x 1
    • Marshmallow Sugarpaste x 1
    • Modelling paste x 2
    • Cocoa butter modelling paste x 1
    • Mexican paste x2
    • Flowerpaste x1
    • Vegan Flowerpaste x 1
    • Pastillage x 3
    • Marzipan x 2
    • Modelling chocolate (milk, dark and white) x 1
    • Sugar lace x1 (cake lace)

Compare and review each of the following 85 products that are available to buy (including ingredients):

  • Fondant including: PME Fondant Icing Mix, Phil Vickery Gluten-Free Fondant Icing Mixes and Squires Kitchen Fondant Icing Mix.
  • Candy Melts including: Wilton Candy Melts, PME Candy Buttons and Merckens Candy Melts.
  • Royal Icing including: Tate and Lyle, Silver Spoon, Whitworths, Sattina Royal icing mix, Squires Professional Royal icing mix, Squires Kitchen extension icing, Squires Kitchen specialist sugar run-out icing, Squires Kitchen art-ice cookie icing mix, Renshaw ready to use Royal icing, Scattine Royal icing ready to use and Diamond Paste Luxury Royal icing to go.
  • Sugarpaste including: Squires Kitchen bridal white sugarpaste, Sattina, Satin Ice, Flemings/Sudzucker Covapaste (was BFP), Cake Stuff Couture artisan sugarpaste, Karen Davies Vanilla sugarpaste, Massa Taffeta, Sainsbury’s soft white icing, ready to roll, Massa Ticina bride white sugarpaste, Sweet Success sweet silk sugarpaste, Dr Oetker regal-ice ready to roll icing, Sugarpaste Direct, Renshaw Decor Ice professional ready to roll icing, Renshaw covering paste, BAKO and Culpit Cake decorating sugarpaste.
  • Modelling Paste including: Sattina 3-in-1 modelling paste, Diamond Paste Company modelling paste, Squires Kitchen modelling paste, Squires Kitchen sugar dough, Renshaw Sugar Décor-ice flower and modelling paste, Sainsbury’s white flower and modelling paste, PME gum paste, Saracino, Massa Taffeta, Beau modelling paste, Cake Star modelling paste, Barker Bakes modelling paste and Culpitt Soft Shimmer modelling paste pearl.
  • Mexican Paste including: Squires Kitchen Mexican paste instant mix, Diamond Paste Company Mexican paste and Squires Kitchen MMP.
  • Flowerpaste including: Diamond Paste Company platinum paste, Satin Ice gum paste, Squires Kitchen sugar florist paste, Wilton ready to use gum paste, Barker bakes flowerpaste, Sattina 3-in-1 modelling paste, Renshaw sugar flower décor-ice modelling paste, Simply Heaven ultra-fine flower modelling paste, flowerpaste by Beau Products, Pastiche by Sweet Success and our very own flowerpaste and now vegan flowerpaste recipes.
  • Pastillage including: Squires Kitchen pastillage instant mix
  • Marzipan including: Sattina marzipan, Tesco natural almond marzipan, Design-a-Cake white marzipan, Odense marzipan, Sweet Success marzipan, Dr. Oetker ready to roll natural marzipan and Renshaw Rencol white almond paste marzipan.
  • Modelling Chocolate including: Squires Kitchen cocoform dark, Beau dark chocolate modelling paste, Dinkydoodle Designs dark Belgian modelling chocolate and covering paste, Barker Bakes dark chocolate modelling and covering paste and Sweet Success dark chocolate silk.
  • Sugar Lace including: SugarVeil, Squires Kitchen flexi-ice instant mix, Claire Bowman’s cake lace, Claire Bowman’s ready made colours metallic and pearlised, Karen’s edible cake lace, Simply Heaven, Sugar Brick Road ready mix, Sugar Brick Road powder mix, Doric sweet lace, Lakeland magic white icing powder for edible lace, Sweet Lace Express and our own home-made sugar lace recipe.



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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Mysteries solved

    Published by Susan Stafford on 24th Feb 2018

    Excellent booklet, very informative

  • 5
    The 'How To' guide

    Published by Bonnie on 5th Oct 2017

    Easy & fun reading. Also informative, and very useful.

  • 5
    Everything you wanted to know about Icings, Pastes, Fillings but did not know where to look

    Published by Helen VALES on 30th Sep 2016

    I am about to ice the cake of a lifetime, the wedding cake for my only son. Here I have found the answer to all my questions about marzipan, icing, frosting, with an explanation and an evaluation of all the different products. I am delighted with my find.

  • 4
    Icings and buttercreams

    Published by Dianne Spry on 19th Mar 2015

    An excellent booklet even though I have a good knowledge of different types of icings and buttercreams etc

  • 4
    straight forward

    Published by Annie Harris on 15th Mar 2015

    Easy to read and understand booklet. Compares the products from different suppliers giving a personal opinion on the good and bad points. I would like to see some of the supermarket own label products in the comparison as they are lot cheaper. I haven't tried any of the recipes yet but it is useful to have them in one place.

  • 4
    Perfect! detailed info of variety of icing methods and ingredients

    Published by Cheryl Holworthy on 9th Mar 2015

    Wow really did not imagine that it would be this detailed. Luv it! Will use it as my icing 'bible'

  • 5
    Icing, Fillings, Pastes

    Published by carol-anne abbink on 8th Sep 2014

    Very useful and informative booklet, very handy to have as a reference tool.

  • 4

    Published by Carmen Q on 25th May 2014

    It is an excellent refence!

  • 5
    How to Booklet - Icing, Pastes and Fillings

    Published by Unknown on 9th Mar 2014

    I had been looking for a simple to understand book that would explain the different sugarcraft pastes and their uses. I also wanted some easy to follow recipes that I could keep in one neat place. This electronic file did all of that for me. I am very pleased with it and have found it extremely useful. A must for anyone new to sugarcraft or just confused by all the different names for the icings that are around

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