Cake Pricing App


Cost A Cake Pro has been designed with ease of use and flexibility in creating your recipes and quotes.



The Pantry is where you store all your ingredients, you enter the amount you paid and the pack size, and Cost A Cake Pro will do the rest for you!.

Your Pantry also has an area where you can store all your extras. This can be anything from cake boards and boxes, to ribbon baking paper and delivery charges, anything that has a cost to it can be added.

Once your pantry is set up, you can create your own recipes using any of the ingredients that you have stored.

Deleting is easy - simply swipe left or right over any item to bring up the delete button


Your recipes are saved as you add the ingredients to them, and is there for you to use whenever you need to build a quick quote for an order, or if you are just interested to see how much the apple crumble you make regularly actually costs!

The quotes section allows you to build quick and accurate quotes of your recipes, extras, and time - giving you a total figure for your cakes with just a few clicks.


  • A fully customisable pantry for Ingredients and a separate area for extras - add anything you want!
  • Build your own recipes - if you can bake it, you can add it! it's not just cakes and cupcakes!
  • Create quotes for your customers with just a few clicks.
  • Ability to set your hourly rate.
  • Automatically chooses your currency.

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